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Jumat, 01 Mei 2015

Why All Natural Anti Aging Skin Care Solutions Are the Best?

It is truly painful to see the signs of aging catching up with you on a daily basis or more practically minute after minute. However, the endeavors to create effective solutions for the problem of aging have been a boom for humanity. Today, you can find a plethora of anti-aging products, supplements, treatments and procedures. As a matter of fact, looking for an effective way to turn your body clock back by a few years is easier nowadays.
Ranging from clinically proven anti-aging facial products to all natural skin care solutions, you can definitely find the one that best suits your needs. Anti-aging solutions help you to regain the glorious days that you once had in your life. Many of the products and methods today are made from extracts of natural ingredients. This means that they do not create any side effects unlike products that contain active ingredients.
Perhaps, it is also the reason why these solutions are becoming more and popular among consumers these days. In addition, these all natural anti-aging care products must be used properly in order to achieve the best results. They definitely work wonders when the procedure and instructions are strictly followed.
Natural anti-aging products can come in a wide variety of forms, which can include topical products such as creams and lotions. They are produced from extracts of various plants and herbs. These skin care solutions can reverse or even reduce the dynamics of your body clock. As a result, you get a vibrant look with the firmer, fresher and youthful skin. These things will give you the glow and confidence that you need as you go through the challenges given by the highly competitive way of living these days.
Your skin goes through unwanted conditions every day. It faces so many factors including body and hormonal changes and environmental factors such as pollution and sunrays. These different factors are also the greatest contributors to your aging and this is where solutions step in. You should look for a safe and effective anti-aging method that can deliver the results you long for within the shortest time possible.
To achieve the best outcome, you should back these anti-aging solutions with a balanced diet. The nutrition you get from the food you eat is also an effective way to reduce the speed of your aging process. All natural methods are the best solutions if you want to achieve a fresher and more youthful look.
When looking for the best skin care products that work, then solutions made of all natural ingredients can be the best option for you. On the other hand, it is still highly recommended that you seek the advice of a medical professional before you decide on any product. Natural anti-aging solutions are typically safe everyone. Unlike other products, these solutions do not contain any harmful ingredients, so you do not have to be concerned about any downside or side effect. Natural anti-aging products are the safest and effective solutions for your aging problem.

Essential Ingredients of an Anti-Aging Wrinkle Cream

An anti-aging wrinkle cream has become a basic skin care product that middle aged and older people have in their dressers. They come in different brand names, in their pretty bottles, all promising to erase the signs of aging in return for a quite expensive price. In spite of this, people do not mind paying if it is the only way to look younger and defy their real age.
To make each bottle worth your hard-earned money, though, it would be wise to ensure that your anti-aging wrinkle cream has all the essential ingredients proven to remove or improve the appearance of fine lines. Here are just some of the ingredients that you should be looking for in the labels of your wrinkle creams.
Green Tea Extract
Green tea is rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant that can help reverse the signs of aging caused by sun damage. Some studies also say that it can add an extra layer of protection for the skin against skin cancer. If your wrinkle cream has green tea extract in it, you will also experience the similar benefits that you get from placing tea bags on your puffy eyes.
Niacinamide is best for dark spots caused by sun damage and acne scars (hyperpigmentation), but it is also known to improve collagen production. Collagen is a protein produced by the body that strengthens the skin. It is like a natural filler that makes your skin plump and tight. As people age, collagen production reduces, thus the appearance of wrinkles. Boost that production by applying niacinamide through your anti-aging wrinkle cream.
Vitamin C
Vitamin C has a brightening effect on the skin and it makes the skin stronger and more flexible. In addition, it is also an antioxidant, so consider this vitamin as one of the most essential ingredients of any wrinkle cream.
Here is another ingredient that is found in most, if not all, anti-aging products. Retinol is an antioxidant. It is a milder version of retinoid, allowing it to be sold over the counter without the need for prescription. It can fade away wrinkles, increase skin turnover and get rid of dark spots, resulting to younger and smoother skin. It is safe to use daily, but you do have to use sunblock creams when you go out since it can make the skin sensitive to the sun.
Coenzyme Q-10 is a vitamin produced in the body that acts as an antioxidant. It helps fade away lines from your face, especially those found around your eyes. Having this in your wrinkle cream will make you enjoy a boost in its anti-aging properties compared to just relying on what your body can produce.
Hyaluronic Acid
One cause of wrinkles is dry or dehydrated skin. To solve that, try using a humectant such as hyaluronic acid. It does not only help moisturize your skin, but also improves collagen production.
There you have it, some of the essential ingredients that you must look for in your anti-aging wrinkle cream. If you can have them all in one bottle then good for you, as you will be reaping all the benefits that will result to younger, smoother and suppler skin.

When to Start Using Anti-Aging Facial Products

There is a big question regarding when people should start using anti-aging facial products. Some wait until the signs of aging start to show, usually in their late 30s or early 40s, while some start young, like in their early 20s. To answer this question better, it is best to understand first what causes aging or those wrinkles.
A lot of things happen to the human body as people age. Skin turnover slows down, which often results to dry skin that has an ashen appearance. Inflammation also becomes more active as people age and this is known to trigger wrinkles, not just in the face but all over the body. The amount of antioxidants in the body also reduces, making them less effective in fighting the aging effects of free radicals. Furthermore, the ability of the body to produce collagen, the protein that strengthens the skin, also dwindles as you grow old, which is why you often see sagginess around your jaw lines and your cheekbones are no longer as high as they used to be.
If you regularly expose yourself to too much sun without protection or smoke too much cigarettes, you also hasten the aging process. Lastly, if you have these quirky mannerisms, like squinting your brows or frowning a lot, these also results to fine lines on the affected areas of your face. Since every person will eventually grow old, getting wrinkles is inevitable, but that does not mean that you should accept seeing those lines as early as in your 30s.
According to dermatologists, the two leading causes of wrinkles are sun exposure and genetics. You cannot do anything with your genes, but you can certainly take extra measures to avoid the sun or at least protect your skin every time you go out. This is why the most important anti-aging facial products out there are sunblock creams and experts recommend that you start using them even while you are still young. For parents out there, take note of this because it does not only protect your child from experiencing early signs of aging when they hit 20 or 30, but it also is a measure to prevent skin cancer.
Do not stop there. Dermatologists suggest that you should start using anti-aging facial products even in your 20s as a preventive treatment. That is right. Even if there is no single line on your face and you look exactly or even younger than your actual age, start using anti-aging products, especially if you know that your skin has suffered too much sun damage during the first two decades of your life. Ideally, you need to lather on those creams, serums and lotions when you hit 25 years old. You can start with eye creams and moisturizers that contain SPF.
For those who are already in their 40s and failed to start an early habit of using anti-aging creams, you can still use them and you can still get great results, especially if you choose great brands and formulations, but the results will not be as great if you did a preventive treatment. Therefore, as a simple answer to that big question, start early with your anti-aging facial products and thank your young self someday that you did so.

Different Types of Anti-Aging Eye Treatments

Even if you are just in your 30s or 40s, you can look much older if you have saggy eye bags, dark circle, and crow's feet. It is no wonder that many women, and even men, are willing to spend money just to correct the skin around their eyes to make them look younger. To give you an idea, here are just some of the popular anti-aging eye treatments that people turn to nowadays.
Eye Creams
Some eye creams, especially the expensive ones, promise to give the eyes a lift to make them look youthful. The formulations used in these creams have changed through the years and are highly influenced by breakthrough studies that often discover new anti-aging ingredients. Different types of vitamins, natural plant extracts, and antioxidants are the ones most commonly found in them. To make eye creams work better for you, start using them while you are in your 20s to act as a preventive care.
The eyes tend to sunken as people age, which is why dermatologists and cosmetic specialists nowadays suggest that you have fillers injected in your eye area. They are called fillers because they will fill up that sunken space and make your eyes look younger again. It is done by injecting the filler, like Restylane, directly on the spot and the result is immediate. However, this procedure is a bit expensive and lasts for only about three years.
Botulinum toxin or botox is also a popular eye treatment to remove wrinkles and crow's feet. It works by weakening or paralyzing the muscles, thus giving the skin an instant lift. Just like with anti-aging eye treatments that use fillers, botox is injected on the skin and results can be immediate. However, it only lasts for several months and you will have to repeat the procedure. Furthermore, botox can cause an allergic reaction to some people, so make it a point to have yours done by an accredited and licensed cosmetic surgeon or dermatologist.
Sunblock creams are more like preventive care rather than solution for aging. Most eye creams already contain this ingredient, but if yours does not have it, then it is recommended that you use a separate product that has adequate SPF, preferably not less than 30, to prevent the aging effects of UV rays.
Blepharoplasty is an eye surgery that removes skin or fat from the lids. Others think that it is an eyelift procedure, but it is not. What actually happens is that the surgeon will make an incision on the lid, remove excess fat and then stitch the skin together again. It is an ideal treatment for eye bags.
Aside from these anti-aging eye treatments, there are other tricks that you can do to remove puffiness and reduce the appearance of wrinkles on that delicate area, such as doing regular eye massages, using sunglasses when you go out in the sun, getting prescription glasses (to avoid squinting), getting enough sleep and hydrating your body. Most importantly, avoid rubbing your eye as this often results to sagginess and dark circles. Simple things such as these can delay your need for fillers and surgeries that are quite hard on the pocket.

Tips in Buying and Using an Anti-Aging Eye Cream

Tips in Buying and Using an Anti-aging Eye Cream

By looking at someone's eyes, one can easily make assumptions about that person's age. The appearance of crow's feet, wrinkles and eye bags often make a person look older than her true age, which is why many take much effort to brighten the eye area. The problem, however, is that some people invest more on makeup or cosmetic surgery to hide imperfections in their eyes, instead of preventing them. Yes, those surgeries and temporary fixes can certainly remove years off your age, but maintaining that habit can be costly, not to mention tedious. Wouldn't you want to just wake up each day with naturally bright and young-looking eyes? Everyone can achieve this with the right skin care, particularly by using an anti-aging eye cream.

Eye creams are so underrated. Women are willing to buy those expensive face moisturizers without batting an eyelash yet tend to forget that their eyes need pampering too. Although eye creams are essentially almost similar to moisturizers, they are richer and contain ingredients that will nourish the skin around your eyes and prevent wrinkles from forming. If you are not using one, then it is time that you head to the nearest drug store or personal care store to buy a bottle.

When shopping for an anti-aging ream, here are just some of the ingredients that you must look for. First, it must have a de-puffer. Green tea, cucumber, and chamomile are just some that have this property. Second, look for an antioxidant in the ingredient list. Antioxidants function by neutralizing free radicals that cause damages to the cells. Free radicals are known to be among the leading causes of premature aging and the bad thing is that they are present everywhere.

Since you cannot totally avoid exposure to them, at least do something to halt their damaging effects to the body. Surprisingly, green tea is also an antioxidant, which makes it a popular inclusion in most eye cream brands. Vitamin C, E and A are also antioxidants. In addition, Vitamin C can make the skin become suppler, while vitamin E has a soothing effect.
In addition to using an anti-aging eye cream with the right ingredients, here are some tips that you will find beneficial to heighten the positive effects of the cream. First, start early. You may not have wrinkles in your 20s yet, but you can start having them in your 30s if you fail to take care of the skin around your eyes early on. Most dermatologists recommend that you start applying eye creams when you are 25. This helps keep that skin nourished and healthy, thus delaying the aging process.

Second, apply it twice a day, in the morning and evening. When applying your anti-aging eye cream, use your pinkie finger because it exerts the slightest pressure in that delicate eye area. Apply it on your upper and lower lids, as well as in the hollows of your nose. Do this gently. Third, place iy in the refrigerator. The cool temperature will further help in removing any puffiness. Finally, use clean fingers when applying your eye cream. Any bacteria from your hands may contaminate the bottle and spoil it.

Now that you know the importance of eye creams in your fight against aging, start using them so that you no longer have to waste money on expensive surgeries or bother yourself with covering imperfections with makeup.